About Us

About Big Vision

Big Vision helps underprivileged children and women in India lead safe, fulfilling and self-sustained lives. We work to stop child labor; improve the lives of women and children; and protect the environment through education, sustainable employment and micro-credit.
We are a grassroots organization. Big Vision joins with local schools, advocacy groups and individual children, women and farmers, by providing scholarships for promising students, work training for women and micro-credit loan programs to help women start and maintain successful businesses and protect the environment.
Your tax-deductible contribution a month connects your child with a loving, church-based Child Sponsorship Program.

Our Vision

Big Vision works to make a serious and sustainable impact on poverty and its causes, especially as they affect children. We are committed to long-term change, which means connecting people. Whether it's enabling people in developing communities to support each other, or linking donors to those in need through child sponsorship, or creating networks to campaign for justice, we believe that getting people connected is the best way to make a difference. That's one reason why we put so much emphasis on advocacy. While individual programs can mitigate the effects of poverty, it's only by speaking up for and with those who are marginalized that we can influence the policies of governments and international bodies and so address the underlying causes of poverty.

Our Mission

Big Vision International exists as an advocate for children, to release them from their spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty and enable them to become responsible and fulfilled Christian adults.